Secret hate Code found on “iggy’s” three blogs! Updated!

After being exposed for the hateful 2nd rate Christian he is, we went to one of iggy’s sites and ran it through the Secret Hate Blog Decoder Program and were amazed at what we found!


What surprised us most was how well “hate” is hidden!


Now we also decided to run Discerning the World through our program and found an amazing thing! Her blog is about “iggy”… Now we are wondering if this is some elaborate scam where the evil mastermind hate monger, iggy is actually the one behind Discerning the World! I do think that may be the rumor WE here will start since Truth does not even show up on Discerning the Worlds code search!

Having way to much time on my hands I decided to run the rest of iggy’s sites through our program.

Here is iggyROCKS!

Wordle: iggyROCKS!

At first we took this to mean he had a foot fetish yet with closer examination we understood the source of this “hate”…

It is called Barefoot Sunday. Yes at iggy’s church they were so mean as to make people donate shoes to kids in Uganda who did not have any! Hate abounds with iggy! This truly is a mockery of Jesus… they should have not sent shoes.. only sandals!

Now it took a while but we finally decided to see if this site was as hateful as claimed. It is created  to be a mirror that reflects the meaness of the other so-called discernment sites, so we anticipated that best. Hate should be just oozing out of this site as it is truly one of the top hate site that was ever created… and we were not disappointed! Yeah…. Hate is big and large! So the only site that is hateful is this one IF iggy is the real owner. Yet, that is it’s very purpose! We are here to promote hate and to share and spread the hate of such great hate sites like Discerning the World. It is our gift we must share with all! So if we parody your site and you think we are mean… maybe the mirror is reflecting your own image?

Wordle: odmafia

All word clouds created by


2 Responses to Secret hate Code found on “iggy’s” three blogs! Updated!

  1. truthslayer says:

    Iggy, it turns out that you are a MYTH-SLAYER!


  2. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.


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