Stott too soft on his position

pillowJohn Stott “has written 50 books – the most recent of which, ‘The Living Church,’ was published in May 2007. His best known, Basic Christianity, has been translated into more than 50 languages. Other titles include The Cross of Christ, The Contemporary Christian, Evangelical Truth and New Issues Facing Christians Today, and eight New Testament expositions (Acts, Romans etc.) in the ‘Bible Speaks Today’ series published by IVP.”

His commentary on Acts is apparently amazing…but we have NOT discernmentalized it and recommend not reading it until we have a look – safeguarding our flock from possible horrendous heresies…or thinking for yourself!


We think he may be a false teacher for being soft on hell. That’s right!!!We heard that he is an annihilationist…or was that an isolationist….we get so mixed up. Nevertheless…we heard a rumour and we are POUNCING on it!

Regardless………How compromising!!!! It just makes us so outraged (we ask our readers to get outraged too). Get mad as hell….or heck. When are we going to make HELL front and center as a CORE doctrine?

Unless Stott holds ALL OUR highly articulated doctrinal views we have to conclude that he is not a believer…therefore a heretic, apostate, liberal or worse POST LIBERAL  or something worse. Besides he belongs to the Church of England so by default he must be bad, or bent on world destruction. Worse he is an intellectual…that is at least 3 STRIKES against him.


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