Discernmentalist volcano spews lava, ash — dozens evacuated

July 7, 2009

volcanoA discernmentalist volcano spewed lava and belched ash into the sky Sunday, prompting the evacuation of dozens of people and renewing concerns of a major eruption in one of the world’s volcanic hotspots.

Discernmentalists, typically having a background in volcanism (because like volcanoes they also spew hot air). Some discernmentalists immediately blamed the lava flow on a secret underground Emerging Church. Some Online Discernmentalists suggested digging up the entire country until these culprits could be found and inquisitioned.

ODMafia believes that we need to build a device that can detect and decimate Emergents before another volcano is set off.

PS the above picture is only a pictorial representation of a real volcano. In reality it is only an amateur volcano pretending to be a professional.


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Take the Poll!

July 7, 2009

At Discerning the World there is a poll how you feel about ODMafia… be sure to take theirs and then take ours!

Piracy Puts Online Discernment Film Online One Month Before Open

July 7, 2009


In a case of piracy that some analysts called unprecedented, untold thousands of people watched a version of “H-Men Origins: Heresy Hunter” online Wednesday, a full month before its scheduled theater release. The film’s distributor, 20th Century Truth, said it did not know how the unfinished copy of the real  life discernment adaptation was leaked onto the Internet. The copy was missing many special effects and included temporary sound and music…silence is often unprecedented with most truth warriors. Nonetheless, it circulated widely online beginning late Tuesday, even prompting some viewers to publish reviews, favorable and unfavorable, of the hotly anticipated film. “Heresy Hunter” stars Chuck Norris in the title role and is set to open on August 1.

Some believe Rob Bell may be behind this insiduous leak.

Stick with the ODMafia and let us do the discerning for you!

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