Original Discernmentalist Host will be back to Host “Are You A Heretic?”

July 8, 2009

hostThe show, “Are You A Heretic?”which was created in America, and its popular line “Will you answer the question – are you a heretic?”  a smash hit….is coming back to TV.  Rating began to plummet when contestants where unable to discern as heresy as quick as audiences had originally hoped. The show will be re-tooled to fit a more savvy audience, but network bigwigs think that slight adjustments to the show and finding and branding more heretics like Brian Mclaren, Gregory Boyd, Charles Colson, NT Wright, Dan Kimball and others might help to boost ratings.

A spin-off show is being considered such as “Guilt By Association” among others.

Discernmentalists everywhere are lining up, being interviewed in hopes that they can finger a heretic in this revised television series.

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