Online Discernmentalists used ‘snooper’s charter’ more than 10,000 times In UK

July 9, 2009

surveillanceSurveillance powers originally designed to counter the threat of untruth and safeguard national security have been used by Online Discernmentalists more than 10,000 times over the past five years – often for “crimes” as minor as using bad words, re-clarifying theology, asking questions, critical thinking and the use of logic.

Politicians who obtained the details, said they represented a fresh erosion of civil liberties and warned that ODM’s were acting like Gestapo soldiers. ODM’s united against criticism and warned that the truth war could be lost if spying and torture were not enforced for the good of all Christians.

This is a TRUTH WAR my fellow TRUTH WARRIORS and we will not tolerate resistance, critique or independant investigations. We must win at any costs.

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