The First Official Honorary ODMU Certificate goes to!

July 10, 2009


Honesty is not a high virtue for us Truth Warriors; if it was, then how would we be able to attack others as vicious as we do! To make my point in how the best of the best Truth Warriors operate, (not just the ODMafia) we turn once again to Discerning the World to show us how to be dishonest and yet come across righteous about it.

Here is a response to yours truly:

Comment by itodyaso | 23 June, 2009 <!– @ 14:50 –>| Reply

  • I see you let the one post through… but where are the others? Are comments monitored on this site? Usually it states it is or not.

    Comment by iggy | 23 June, 2009 <!– @ 15:01 –>| Reply

    • Iggy.

      Yes they are and I don’t sit here waiting for you to comment so I can jump and approve it. All comments are allowed.

      Comment by Discerning The World | 23 June, 2009 <!– @ 15:51 –>| Reply


    Why are you censoring my last comment? Afraid people might learn the truth?

    Comment by itodyaso | 23 June, 2009 <!– @ 14:44 –>| Reply

    • Not censoring your comments…

      I monitor all comments on my own and then approve them.

      Like I said earlier: “I like to do it this way, so I can keep up with everything that is being said. I ‘allow’ all comments…except foul language, people trying to use fake names – multiple split personalities (like Roger/Frank did and friend of Steve’s), posting the same thing over and over again (this is not spam, it’s real people), people who seemed relatively sane to start with but do not end that way after a few approved comments, people who blatantly lie and try turn my blog into something it’s not meant to be (an advertisement for false teaching). etc. I will let everyone have their say, until it gets out of hand, so don’t EVER come say I did not let you speak yur mind.”

      Comment by Discerning The World | 23 June, 2009 <!– @ 16:47 –>| Reply

    Then from that comment on and also in other threads, “Deborah” of Discerning the World deleted many comments citing that they were “not biblical”.

    Now we here at the ODMafia allow all comments no matter how annoying they are. Yet, at Discerning the World it is an amazing gift she has to be able to state “All comments are allowed” and then delete whatever comment as she deems. (Often in a way that does not allow her readers to see the rebuttals so she can lie about what they stated! Clever!) Deborah really does not let you speak your mind… oh wait she does, but she just deletes it and lies about what you said. I am almost tempted to do that here!

    We give the honorary certificate today as a Dishonest Comment Deletor in “Allowing all Comments”  yet not allowing
    “all” to Deborah of Discerning the World. (She must be a Calvinist as “all” does not mean “all”) Congratulations!

    HONORARY%20DE copy

    Please join us in our celebration of John Calvin’s Birthday!

    July 10, 2009


    CakebYes! It is John Calvin’s 500th birthday…. today only! Please join us at the ODMafia headquarters for kool aid and and large bonfire where we will be burning an image of Michael Servetus who represents all the heretics that are out there today!

    Disney releases long awaited The Shoddy Discernmentalist

    July 10, 2009


    In the move “Shoddy Discernmentalist” a discernmentalist attempts to continue discernmentalizing despite being turned into a dog. Although the movies does not actually state that christian mystics  (from hell obviously) turned this man into a dog,  is alluded too in the movie.

    He keeps up his discernmentalist ways of ad hominem attacks, labeling, irrelevant facts and over exaggeration and huffy remarks despite the K-9 tragedy. This valiant truth warrior will surmount all obstacles to protect the absolute truth! Nothing will get into his way as he attempts to divide error with MORE error. The Shoddy Discernmentalist goes so far as to suggest who will be saved and who will not.

    Some truth warriors have picketed this movie because it is not as hard-core as they had expected. There is some debate that the director may re-edit to make this more hard hitting.

    We for one will picket this movie until it exposes MORE heresy.

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