Disney releases long awaited The Shoddy Discernmentalist


In the move “Shoddy Discernmentalist” a discernmentalist attempts to continue discernmentalizing despite being turned into a dog. Although the movies does not actually state that christian mystics  (from hell obviously) turned this man into a dog,  is alluded too in the movie.

He keeps up his discernmentalist ways of ad hominem attacks, labeling, irrelevant facts and over exaggeration and huffy remarks despite the K-9 tragedy. This valiant truth warrior will surmount all obstacles to protect the absolute truth! Nothing will get into his way as he attempts to divide error with MORE error. The Shoddy Discernmentalist goes so far as to suggest who will be saved and who will not.

Some truth warriors have picketed this movie because it is not as hard-core as they had expected. There is some debate that the director may re-edit to make this more hard hitting.

We for one will picket this movie until it exposes MORE heresy.


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