Robot Research Monkey’s Turn Their “Truth-Journalmentalism” On Truthslayer


In a terrible twist of fate, the ODMafia Research mafia robots have been hacked by a rogue ODM! Our robot research monkey’s have revealed the following on Truthslayer:

1)     He does not read….ever. All information is absorbed by osmosis!

2)     He is far more righteous than anyone has ever believed. His righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees.

3)     Truthslayer has such an EDGE on truth that he keeps a first aid kit with him at all times (he manages to cut himself several times a day)

4)     Truthslayer is simply amazed at his intense orthodoxy…so much so that he has re-edited several books of John Calvin’s Institutes (they are found not Calvinistic enough!)

5)     Truthslayer has been revealed to be the TRUE special ops of TRUTH. He wears specially made night vision goggles to expose false doctrine at night.

6) In addition Truthslayer has a REINFORCED SPINE for tough battles in the never ending truth wars!


One Response to Robot Research Monkey’s Turn Their “Truth-Journalmentalism” On Truthslayer

  1. itodyaso says:

    The Robot Research Monkeys are scary accurate! I am always amazed by them.

    I. Todyaso


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