ODMafia: Spreading the hate since 2008!


Picture of I. Todyaso’s recent “love” outreach.


Yes, the ODMafia is the only authentic blog that promotes true and authentic Christianity in the same manner of Ken Silva, Discerning The World, CRN, Slice of Laodicea, Eric Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries… and many more sites that spread the truth of the angry God who hates sinners and hates anyone that disagrees with us… (mostly on minor issues that really do not matter to most!) Yes, these are the sites that truly inspire this blog!

We are glad to represent and “mirror” the hate from those great sites. So if you see hate here, then you will love the hate those sites inspire… yes, they inspire us daily and give us more hate to feed on and regurgitate here for you! Of course if you disagree and hate us… then you are not a real Christian!

Keep spreading the fear and hate!

I. Todayso


One Response to ODMafia: Spreading the hate since 2008!

  1. Q:What did the one fundamentalist say to the other fundamentalist?
    A: I’m going to waterboard you!!


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