Truth Apps now avaiable for the Truth Detecting Computer


The Truth Detecting Computer 9000 comes with a variety of apps to aid a TRUTH WARRIOR to compete against other truth warriors an validating their discernment prowess. With these new fail-safe apps you are sure to pull ahead of other discernmentalists.

SNIPER: This allows users to focus on ONE heretic and pick them apart until there is nothing left other than bones and splinters. Other apps with simular functions include VULTURE and RAVEN.

RUDESTER: This app is by far the most popular and enduring discernmentalist tool available today. It allows a truth warrior who is weak on arguments but big on ego to throw insults at his opponents in rapid machine gun  like repetition.

The ODMafia fully endorses this new technology as a key tool in combating false teachings and anything that does not agree with our great ministry.

PS ODmafia reserves the right to change, adjust spelling to suit our needs…even in mid sentence. Therefore “APPS” is NOT spelled wrong because we have seen fit to spell it the way we want. We are never wrong.


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