Big Discernmentalists seek 21st century truth models

July 18, 2009

johariwindowmodeldiagram4St. Ignace, Michigan (Reuters) – Discernmentalists moguls at this week’s Mackinack Island conference have spent as much time discussing how to reconfigure truth warrior models disrupted by the Web as they have worrying about the weakness in truth.

With difficult discernment markets and an unclear future, talk of dealmaking has been at a minimum this year. Yet there has never been a more important time for Discernmentalists  conglomerates and their supporters to act and adapt to the Internet age.

“We are working on a new rage model, and we hope to include more misinformation  in this new model” said offiials. If that does not work we may include more “sighs, huffs and hmmmphs” to display our dismay.

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