Rick Warren lashes out over being accused of helping the poor

potPittsburgh (Reuters) – Rick Warren lashed out on Thursday at suggestions that his family’s history of helping the poor makes him unsuitable to host an Online Discernmentalist TV variety show.

Rick Warren and his family  TV show “The Warrens” — make their return to U.S. television as a family next week as hosts of a show featuring, skits, audience pranks and encouraging audiences everywhere to show mercy and compassion to the poor. Due to pressure from several Online Discernmentalists the Warren’s have repudiated the poor or showing compassion and mercy and has realized that this is far to close to liberalism and being mercyful. Take A Stand Ministries was pleased by Warren’s change of mind but still considered him an Mega-Church-Emergent-Heretic sympathizer (just in case he changed his mind again).

2 Responses to Rick Warren lashes out over being accused of helping the poor

  1. centralityofthegospel says:

    Man, you have me rolling!


  2. Wally says:

    Recently, on another episode we brought you this story from sunny Southern California: What is that thing emerging from the mist inside Rick Warren’s entertainment megaplex & business development/life enhancement center…could it be a Bible? Nah, it couldn’t be…probably just an old, rugged copy of PDL. No one reads the Bible anymore…


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