Model of Haughtiness Takes Different Forms!


Slice of Laodicea (SoL) in a bold move has decided to move the ministry towards a “Model of Haughtiness.” Because ODMafia’s expert researchers were not able to attend for the above said statements our robot research monkeys were on site for the expert interview.

They caught the following conversation live by an unnamed source by a guy named “Bob”(who may or may not be linked to SoL) – “Online Discernment Ministries need to be more courageous, angry, brash and snooty…we plan to step up to the plate to be as pretentious as we need to be for the Lord

When originally scheduling our robot monkey researchers to cover this news we were quite excited!!!!  


We thought SoL originally meant “Hottie-ness“.  In other words we expected SoL was going to use cheerleaders  or super models to expose heresy. The ODMafia found ourselves a bit disappointed with the overall movement of SoL and hope that they may reconsider hottie as opposed to haughty.

Just our insightful take at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia.


2 Responses to Model of Haughtiness Takes Different Forms!

  1. centralityofthegospel says:

    uh oh! You guys better step it up! This was actually funny from the other end of ideas!


  2. […] more horrible than other Discernment blogs we’ve parodied. They are full of callousness and a haughty arrogance that we can no longer abide in exposing others to. Their site exists to […]


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