Paul Proctor anti-mainline writer plans new film

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Right-wing Paul Proctor writer said on Thursday he planned to produce a follow-up film “I’m the only true Christian” against the threat of other Christians (obviously apostate ones) that hold views different from his own. At this point in time he fears immigration from mainline Christian churches who may or may not have read NT Wright, John Stott or heaven forbid Rob Bell.

Proctors’s previous film, which was launched over the internet in March 2008 and argues that the mainliners wear crosses around their neck which has GOT TO STOP!

Wilders said his new film would focus on the threat of Rob Bell and Bill Hybels and the impact ‘Bell-isation’ has had on Europe and the United States. The film would also focus on the principle of freedom of speech and should be completed before the end of 2010, he added.


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