Marty Goetz to play at anti Rick Warren Concert of Hope.

Brannon Howse has posted an open letter to the AG with grave concerns over Rick Warren speaking at the General Council this year. In related news Brannon Howse and Marty Goetz will be having a Concert of Hope to raise awareness of the evil of Rick Warren while conducting praise and worship.

MartyGoetzOn a side note, I once attended a Marty Goetz concert at a church in California. He was playing at Shoreline Community Church in Monterey Ca. I was really enjoying the concert until I realized it was a Purpose Driven Church. Someone needs to alert Brannon Howse over this major oversight.

13 Responses to Marty Goetz to play at anti Rick Warren Concert of Hope.

  1. rewfusdrew says:

    Hey thanks for this post. I clicked on the link for Shoreline Community Church, which I had not heard of before, and found some way cool stuff there! Rock on! Or, I mean, uh, um, yeah, it’s a shame they are “purpose driven” though…right. lol


  2. oxymoron says:

    Is there a high correlation between discernmentalists’ truth level and their inability to use correct grammar, punctuation, and so forth? Sometimes this seems to me to be the case. Do you, Itodyaso, notice this? Maybe you could have your research robot monkeys look into it? That would be really helpful for those of us out here who are praying and searching so earnestly to know who has the most truthiness.


  3. itodyaso says:


    I’s gots no idea whats you might be talking about. Most of the ODM’s I have encountered are highly edumecated through self edumecation or they went to relly good Fundy Christian Colleges that promote higher edumacating type lernning. But we wills send out the the Research Monkeys to sea what we can find out; there.


  4. Marty Goetz says:

    I am Jennifer Goetz, Marty’s wife, and I have no idea why this person wrote this blog. Brannon’s concert has nothing to do with Rick Warren at all. It is a concert of hope to bless and encourage people. I think, whoever you are who wrote this needs to know who you are tearing down. You are not kind and Marty would never participate in a Rick Warren hate concert!


  5. itodyaso says:


    I received an email from Brannan Howse stating all sorts of ugly things about Rick Warren and then in the next breath said he was doing a praise and worship concert with Marty Goetz.

    I attended Shoreline Community Church in Monterey Ca and loved it. I know the pastors there very well. Mary performed at our church and was great.

    My point is that if Brannon Howse is tearing down Rick Warren, then why would Marty Goetz do a concert at a Purpose Driven/Seeker Sensitive church such as Shoreline.

    Now this is less about Marty and more about Brannon Howse who IS tearing down others. Marty is just another victim in the so-called Truth War who may not even know he is a victim of people like Brannon Howse. Personally I think Marty needs to stay away from Brannon Howse who is out to divide the Body of Christ with hate emails against Rick Warren. I personally would not want anything to do with someone who sends hate emails out agaisnt a brother in Christ almost weekly.

    Tell Marty who knows pastor Howie he also met me once and I appreciated Marty and his talent.

    BTW, this is a satire site… and again the person we are more concerned with is Brannon Howse. I hope the concert is as you stated and not an anti Rick Warren rally as the email implied.


  6. I don’t believe in ‘bashing’ anyone. To my understanding these are ‘Concerts of Hope’ and will not have any political overtones. We worked with Brannon at one of his conferences and he and Marty worked well together. He thought it would be a nice idea to team up for a few of concerts.

    Re: Rick Warren, I have no comment, I don’t follow what he says. I think, however, and I say this respectfully, that the title of your article, “Marty Goetz to play at an anti Rick Warren concert” sounds pretty inflammatory toward Marty… if you are offended that Brannon spoke negatively toward Rick, you may want to think about what you said about Marty…Regarding Shoreline…we have very good friends that attend the church and they invited Marty to come and share music. That is when you saw him several years ago.


  7. itodyaso says:

    This was with the same email that had the promotion the concert…

    “Topic One: Rick Warren speaks for the Islamic Society of North America and not only does he NOT give the gospel as usual but Warren called for “a coalition of faith” which Jan Markell says is another way of calling for a one-world religion. Warren is proving that he is extremely ignorant and foolish. Is Warren really just a false teacher that has completely duped most non-thinking Christians, including tens of thousands of pastors? It now seems that Warren is very open about his real agenda and beliefs after making millions of dollars with which to fund his message of pluralism and ecumenicalism. Sadly, many Christians will continue to follow Warren because they are completely void of discernment.”

    And Mart performed at a seeker/purpose driven church your friends and I attended… I saw him there and he had no issue with what was going on…

    Yet you have no issue with Brannon Howse slandering Rick Warren and Marty performing at both venues? Which side are you on? Are you anti Rick Warren or for Rick Warren?

    BTW Again, this is not against Marty, but to show the double standard that Brannon Howse has. He attacks Rick Warren and then performs with someone who played at a Rick Warren influenced church… I was there when we did the 40 days of purpose. = )

    I am sorry Marty is caught in the middle of this issue.. but really if he has issues Rick Warren… then he need be man enough not to perform at Purpose Driven Churches like Shoreline…. right? Or be man enough to not take money from hate mongers like Brannon Howse.

    So what say ye? Do you friends know Marty performs with someone who hates their style of church? Are you one to tell them that Marty will never set foot in their type of church if it is associated with Rick Warren? Or will you be strong enough to stand against the slander and hate from Brannon Howse.

    I would really love to hear your response… really… and if your friend was Pastor Howie… or someone that attends Shoreline… what a great friend you are to allow someone to bash their style of church and smile as you take the money from Shoreline and Brannon Howse. Now, that really makes Marty looks good huh?

    Hate is not a Christian virtue… stop supporting hate mongers.


    • What is the point here? What are you really upset about; Marty playing at a seeker friendly church, or Brannon Howse’ picking and choosing when to pander to people of influence? I personally would stay away from purpose driven churches because of the new age influence. I think Rick Warren is a detriment to the “real church” globally; and christians need to wake up to what’s taking place in these last days, yes ‘last days’. Messiah comes quickly and he said that the days would be shortened so that even the very elect would not be decieved. That must mean that we can be decieved. Wake up!


  8. Marty and I don’t get into controversies. We are so oblivious to all this drama that it is not even on our radar. We were at Shoreline, probably 12 years ago, because our good friends attend that church, and by the way, we were paid nothing to be there. We did it because we love our friends who invited us. We were not aware that it was or is a ‘seeker sensitive’ church… and that would not have affected our decision to be there anyway.

    We like Brannon because he is a good guy and Marty and he worked very well together. Kind of reminiscent of Marty’s days with his first singing partner, Bert.

    Re: Rick Warren….if he has made statements that people in the body question, then maybe it is alright to comment on them. He is not immune to scrutiny; no one is, including us.

    I would never post anything negative about a brother, but if that is what Brannon feels his calling is than I have to give him the same freedom to express himself as Rick Warren has freedom to express himself.

    So blessings to you my brother!


  9. Laura says:

    Jenny, I stumbled upon this while Googling your husband’s name…I bought a CD of “He is My Defense” at a used book store a while ago, and was just looking him up…and I’m delighted to find he’s still alive!! (Shortly after ‘discovering Keith Green…well, he passed away–and JUST after we heard Rich Mullins, and started recognizing his songs–HE passed away) I shared my CD with my Mom yesterday, and after commenting several times on how beautiful it was, and how much she liked it and how glad she was that I’d gotten it–she turned to me as paused…and then said, “Is he alive?”

    So–we’re VERY glad he is living!!!

    Oh–and you’ve handled yourself so well in this exchange, I just wanted to thank you and share with you–hope you found it at least a little bit as funny as we do!


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  11. Pam Dolson says:

    I just read the letter posted on Brannon Howse’s WEBSITE – it was not written by him, but by a member of Assemblies of God.

    I am thankful for his ministry – thankful to God that SOMEONE out there is FOR Biblical teaching and living according to the Word of God.

    And as for Marty Goetz….he is a wonderful psalmist and worshiper of Almighty God!

    Pam Dolson
    St. John, US Virgin Islands


    • itodyaso says:

      So Pam,

      Are you are saying that Brannon Howse approves of Rick Warren? I received this in a newsletter FROM Brannon Howse… that should be a clue as to how BH stands… but if you are saying he approves of Rick Warren then well… he better repent! In addition, yes Marty Goatz is a great guy… but why hang with a hatemonger like Brannon Howse? How can light have anything to do with darkness?

      BTW, Willy Nelson does a great version of Amazing Grace… just thought I throw that out also.

      GUILT BY ASSOCIATION! That is how Brannon works… so we do it… I mean we learn from our masters don’t we?

      Keep the Virgin Islands pure my dear.

      I Todyaso


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