John MacArthur Holding John Armstrong Accountable For Being Too Truthful

July 29, 2009

TruthAccording to W. Scott Lamb “John MacArthur Exhorts the Church to Be Engaged in the Battle for Truth” and further states “Would MacArthur again call out by name those within Evangelicalism who diminish truth in favor of crowd-pleasing methods and theology? ” MacArthur in his Truth Wars book outlines the following “Does MacArthur name names? Yes. With various degrees of criticism, he mentions Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Chris Seay, John Armstrong, Rick Warren, Donald Miller, and Doug Pagitt. MacArthur says their ministries emphasize theological minimalism and a downplaying of divine truth as the real foundation of the church.” Thank goodness that MacArthur downplays his righteous truth war discernmentalism and reveals true caution!

But what basis is the MacArthur attacks on John Armstrong? P Andrew Sandlin notes “Armstrong dared to say publicly that he had changed his mind, not about his doctrinal beliefs (which stand unshaken), but about his epistemic beliefs” Unbelievable apostasy!!!!

John Armstrong arrives at knowledge in a different fashion than that of  MacArthur the elite standard of orthodoxy and therefore fails to earn God’s grace …and obviously is destined to be a false teacher. We at ODMafia endorse discernmentalist theology of grace + discernmentalist orthodoxy. Without GRACE Alone + OUR THEOLOGY Alone you are destined to be lost….. repent now and give us some money.

Remember we at ODMafia and other discernment ministries support beliefism!

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