My unFair Lady- Digitally Remastered!


The digitally remastered My unFair Lady is now presented to us in Blu-Ray! Professor Spurgeon who takes a bet from Colonel Pickafight that he can transform unrefined, illiterate non-truth warrior flower girl Eliza Judgelittle into a Discernmentalist Truth Warrior, and fool everyone into thinking she really is one  too! His plan is well executed and thus a young truth warrior falls madly in love with her.

In the end Eliza Judgelittle becomes a fine discernmentalist, (thus still remains generally illiterate) and gatekeeper of the truth. No one could have guessed at her excellence as an online discernmentalist, therefore she deliberately changes her name to Eliza Graceless out of shear embarrassment and to hide her true identity.

Finally hidden in the credits of the movie, she leaves with us a list of people we must meticulously follow, track, and mischaracterize as false teachers in order for all of us to feel as though we are doing a mighty work of truth.

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