Discernment Alert! Discerning the World has noted the following blog breach of discernmentalism:

And here we quote Discerning The World –

“IDENTITY THEFT  Please be warned there are a few people who have opened a blog called discerningtheworld3.wordpress.com and it would seem they have nothing better to do than insult me all day long. “

That is right! There is a counterfeit Discerning The World Blog called….Discerning The World Blog3…that is right. Not One. Not Two. But THREE!!!

This indeed is a serious threat. And a dead serious blog of unbelievable seriousness. Moreover, they are using an elephant as an avatar. No kidding. We suggest ALL serious discernmentalists investigate this at once.

ODMafia believes that we have found the culprit….an identify theft Ninja!  ODMAfia is now worried that everyone may steal our ideas or even take us seriously.

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