Jesus in a box!

Is Jesus getting out of control in your life? Well we here at the ODMafia have the first and only real solution to having a personal relationship that might lead to experiencing the life of Christ. Yes, as with most other ODM’s we here take the lead in expressing NO ONE SHOULD HAVE ANY CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCE and only be content with head knowledge.

So we present Jesus in a box!


Yes you can keep Jesus in a box. That assures us that His Grace will not effect us!

Here is what other ODM’s are saying:

Ken Silva: “I’m not likely to sit idly by as you… [who] continue lying to people about God all the while making an idol out of His grace.”

So we affirm with Ken that we will never make an idol out of God’s Grace. We will keep Jesus in a box and only speak of God’s wrath and twist the message of Jonathan Edwards message that God is angry with sinners! (Though his sermon “Sinners in the hands of an angry God” was all about the grace of God but why let the sermon get in the way of a great title!)  Especially the ones we point out! And even more when I point out someones sin personally myself.

I. Todyaso 


3 Responses to Jesus in a box!

  1. centralityofthegospel says:

    You guys are good!


  2. centralityofthegospel says:

    Conservative theology makes an idol out of Gods wrath!


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