(Name removed upon request) aka Pastorboy demands CRNinfo to stop using his real name! Updated!

August 6, 2009

TJ and PB

(Name removed upon request) aka “Pastorboy” demanded that CRNinfo not use his real name at their site. Over the last few years “CRN’s (Name removed upon request), who is pastor of River of Life Alliance Church,” has responded to comments with his real name, PB or Pastorboy, yet, today he wanted CRNinfo to stop using his real name!

In the comments Pastorboy Says:
August 6th, 2009 at 8:49 am
There, he did it again.

I forgive you, Joe, for attempting to reveal my identity by using my full name, something I won’t do to you because of your little girls and your wife may be prone to stalkers as a result.

Joe, I hope you are blessed as well.

Of course (Name removed upon request) has a valid point, and it should be honored. I mean he would not want his face to be seen with some of his comments!

We also stand behind (Name removed upon request) in his stand against using his real identity as we all want the freedom to say mean, unbiblical, and outrageous statements about others without being held accountable.


Now I know (Name removed upon request) and he would never post anything that would show himself using his real name online.


Remember “God does not hear the prayers of sinners” so all you sinners who need to repent are just out of luck unless you are Elect like (Name removed upon request) and the ODMafia.

You are so good at naming the sins of others…we know!

August 6, 2009

sinnerPastor Scott has written something something for you folks! It is damning really! We urge YOU to pay attention. Let us clarify that this is written f or YOU….NOT US.

“You are so good at naming the sins of others. It’s easy for you to stand in the pulpit and preach about what ‘those people’ are doing, or how ‘those people’ are destroying the culture. You love to hold up their wickedness because it helps you to feel self-justified.”

The ODMafia, can ignore this admonition….afterall, we don’t sin like you, we only point out your sins (we call it ministry) because we love you so much. We hope you understand, and believe us it hurts you more than it does us….so sit back, relax and let us criticize you so that WE may feel more self satisfied. You see we at ODMafia have our spiritual lives together, we got our T’s crossed, our I’s dotted.  ODMafia are simple bible-believers. You should strive to be more like us.

Please don’t take this the wrong way…we are doing this for your own good.

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