(Name removed upon request) aka Pastorboy demands CRNinfo to stop using his real name! Updated!

TJ and PB

(Name removed upon request) aka “Pastorboy” demanded that CRNinfo not use his real name at their site. Over the last few years “CRN’s (Name removed upon request), who is pastor of River of Life Alliance Church,” has responded to comments with his real name, PB or Pastorboy, yet, today he wanted CRNinfo to stop using his real name!

In the comments Pastorboy Says:
August 6th, 2009 at 8:49 am
There, he did it again.

I forgive you, Joe, for attempting to reveal my identity by using my full name, something I won’t do to you because of your little girls and your wife may be prone to stalkers as a result.

Joe, I hope you are blessed as well.

Of course (Name removed upon request) has a valid point, and it should be honored. I mean he would not want his face to be seen with some of his comments!

We also stand behind (Name removed upon request) in his stand against using his real identity as we all want the freedom to say mean, unbiblical, and outrageous statements about others without being held accountable.


Now I know (Name removed upon request) and he would never post anything that would show himself using his real name online.


Remember “God does not hear the prayers of sinners” so all you sinners who need to repent are just out of luck unless you are Elect like (Name removed upon request) and the ODMafia.

9 Responses to (Name removed upon request) aka Pastorboy demands CRNinfo to stop using his real name! Updated!

  1. acumen1 says:

    Now, that’s some funny stuff right there!


  2. Chris L says:

    Amazing, Iggy – tears are welling up in my eyes…


  3. Will Farel XV says:

    (Name removed upon request)* is a hero! He preaches (on blogs and beaches) the Truth with condemnation and without any of that limp wristed emerging love. He came to understand the importance of keeping his identity secret just like I said in my all important post about The Secret Identity of a Discernmentalist:

    It is of vital importance for a discerner to hide his/her identity in order to safe guard their reputation (in case people think we are soft and prone to love anyone beside ourselves) and even life. You never know when one of those emergent heretics decide to do some Transcendental Meditation and comes to haunt you in your very own home!

    * Edited by I. Todyaso

    Will Farel XV
    Hiding from the Truth


  4. Phil Naessens says:


    Iggy…..this was great satire dude……..and (Name removed upon request) has certainly done a fantastic job keeping his identity a secret…….bravo to the “discerning remnant”…..



  5. pastorboy says:

    I am asking you, if you are a brother in Christ, to take this post down.

    If you are not a brother in Christ, and demonstrate it by keeping this post up, I will retain an attorney and I will be forced to sue you for slander.

    But do what you will. I will continue to pray for you either way. You need help, Itodyaso/Iggy/Carlos


  6. acumen1 says:

    It’s not slander (Name removed upon request), it’s libel and I can tell you there isn’t libel here but hey get an attorney, we always enjoy getting fees.


  7. itodyaso says:

    (Name removed upon request),

    LOL! Good luck with that brother… so sue me.

    You are a riot (Name removed upon request)…

    This post is not slanderous, it is in support of what you did yesterday!

    Oh and PB I gave you a thumbs up for your comment as it was so funny! We are totally for you in this bro. Keep fighting the good fight and twisting peoples words on your blogs! Keep lying about others about what they say and do as they minister Jesus Christ in their churches. Keep attacking others in the Name our Holy Truth War! Yes, we are totally behind and supportive of you at this site. Can we help you with the lawyer fees to go after whoever you want to sue… I mean that is the ODM way! Sue people and get things done… why would you attempt to reconcile with others and repent for the libel against others you have committed, as that would take humility from you and God knows that is not the ODM way. So do you version of “Christian brotherly love” and retain your lawyer and sue me or whoever the Holy Spirit guides you to sue in the Name of Jesus.

    Always supportive of you in the Truth War,

    iggy/I Todyaso/Carlos Shelton


  8. […] (Name removed upon request), who is pastor of River of Life Alliance Church,” threatened to sue the ODMafia in their support of… him. Yes, yesterday we posted how horrible it was that CRNinfo used his full name after at least two […]


  9. Chad says:

    I don’t get it.
    Every time I click on the links where a name should be I am taken to tons of stuff about some (Name removed upon request), guy. Isn’t he supposed to be the mystery not yet revealed?


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