Steve Camp Twitters on the verge of becoming missional!

August 7, 2009

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Outraged! That is what I am with Steve Camp. First he begins to reconcile with others, then he removes certain high ranking ODM’s links from his blog and then today he tweets:

“For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, w ourselves as your slaves for Jesus’ sake.” -2 COR, 4:5 True ministry!about 7 hours ago

Without love we are nothing; we are nothing without love – 1 Cor. 13about 19 hours ago

God is practical & holy; we r prideful & sinful. Love is th moreexcellent way. We should pursu love & desire spiritual gifts – bt n tht ordrabout 19 hours ago 

Spiritual gifts r not th sign U hav th Holy Spirit. Loving God, th Lord Jesus Christ, His Word, yur famly, th brethrn, neighbor & enemies is about 19 hours ago 


As you can see, not only has his spelling become impaired, it seems that Steve does not know that messages like these are the core of the emerging missional message! Repent Steve!


(Name removed upon request) aka Pastorboy threatens lawsuit! Updated!

August 7, 2009

john chishamIn an act of Christian charity and brotherly love “CRN’s (Name removed upon request), who is pastor of River of Life Alliance Church,” threatened to sue the ODMafia in their support of… him. Yes, yesterday we posted how horrible it was that CRNinfo used his full name after at least two years of using it without one complaint.

To quote (Name removed upon request) aka Pastorboy again in his OWN WORDS:

I am asking you, if you are a brother in Christ, to take this post down.

If you are not a brother in Christ, and demonstrate it by keeping this post up, I will retain an attorney and I will be forced to sue you for slander.

But do what you will. I will continue to pray for you either way. You need help, Itodyaso/Iggy/Carlos


Again, we are nothing but supportive of (Name removed upon request) here. We are totally behind and supportive of (Name removed upon request) at this site. We will help you with the lawyer fees to go after whoever you want to sue even us with any donations sent to us in your name. I mean that is the ODM way! Sue people and get things done! Why would you or we attempt to reconcile with others and repent for the libel against others you and we have commit (Name removed upon request), as that would take humility from you and us and God knows that is not the ODM way. So do your version of “Christian brotherly love” and retain your lawyer and sue the ODMafia of slander  or whoever the Holy Spirit guides you to sue in the Name of Jesus. We again are nothing but supportive of you! (Though it would actually be libel and if there was really a case,  and we stated nothing untrue about you. We only reported what we saw you do yesterday.)

In other news, (Name removed upon request) aka Pastorboy twitter account can be found if you Google “(Name removed upon request)”. It appears in the top 5 of the list. Yes, (Name removed upon request) would never use his real name and “pastorboy” together and give away his real identity.

Do you want to be a Truth Journalist?

August 7, 2009


Truth Journalists KNOW that good researchmentalism is paramount if you want to skewer ‘study’ your research topic of choice. You will learn to make up your mind before analyzing a subject, and despite facts, or data that suggests otherwise you will remain firm in your convictions. This is called the bedrock of researchmentalism.

Indeed, you will trained to slice and dice your enemies opponents and paint them in the darkest light possible, while positioning yourself as a righteous, hardened truth warrior (always under attack by relentless Emerging hordes.)

In addition, the way we  impart our seasoned knowledge  your ‘study subject’ will not be able to retaliate rationally because you will use OUR specially patented discernmentalist non-systematic logic application. False teachers and apostates that attempt to clear their name will fail miserbably.WHY? Because when you complete this course trying to pin down your actual thesis when you researchmentalize will be like nailing jelly to a wall.

You will be impervious! The apostate will be rendered neutralized (biblically of course).

This special system prevents anyone from connecting the dots!

If you have never studied at our prestigious TRUTH WARRIOR University  (or TruthU as some affectionaly call it) it is time that you come tour our place of high discernmenalism.

Take the course or tour our university today!

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