Do you want to be a Truth Journalist?


Truth Journalists KNOW that good researchmentalism is paramount if you want to skewer ‘study’ your research topic of choice. You will learn to make up your mind before analyzing a subject, and despite facts, or data that suggests otherwise you will remain firm in your convictions. This is called the bedrock of researchmentalism.

Indeed, you will trained to slice and dice your enemies opponents and paint them in the darkest light possible, while positioning yourself as a righteous, hardened truth warrior (always under attack by relentless Emerging hordes.)

In addition, the way we  impart our seasoned knowledge  your ‘study subject’ will not be able to retaliate rationally because you will use OUR specially patented discernmentalist non-systematic logic application. False teachers and apostates that attempt to clear their name will fail miserbably.WHY? Because when you complete this course trying to pin down your actual thesis when you researchmentalize will be like nailing jelly to a wall.

You will be impervious! The apostate will be rendered neutralized (biblically of course).

This special system prevents anyone from connecting the dots!

If you have never studied at our prestigious TRUTH WARRIOR University  (or TruthU as some affectionaly call it) it is time that you come tour our place of high discernmenalism.

Take the course or tour our university today!


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