Discerning the World deals in “Commnets”

communist-carMy most excellent research coupled with our research robot monkeys have unveiled the following quotes by Discerning the World (DTW) about ODMafia. We have come under fire, we are being persecuted by one of our own! Brace yourselves folks because this is both startling and upsetting! (we urge censorship for the sake of the children!!!)

“I would never expect any of you to quote scripture correctly. That would be unfair of me to delete your comments just based on that. Because that would mean I would have to go back and delete all comments made by Emergents (a good 400+ commnets)”

First, we only quote scripture incorrectly because we don’t have a King James Version.

Second, what are commnets? Are they

a) a new tech savvy statement that ODMafia is not yet familiar with?

b) A communist comment? Thus commnet? Our robot monkeys using a special research algorithm have confirmed the latter.

Third, Emergents have only made 400 poorly contrived comments? That is a great record against discernmentalists who have made at least 400,123,999,456,123 statements that are foolish, ridiculous, embarrassing, embellished, dirty rotten, unfathomable, outlandish and ridiculous (we like the word ridiculous and being environmentally conscious thought it be wise to recycle the word). But we stand behind these outlandish claims because we TOO are an ODM ministry. So with the law of averages…thats not bad.

PS We believe that IF Discerning the World were to be communist…which our research robot monkey’s have nailed that down to being almost 54.3% true (we’re willing to bet that she is in cahoots with Obama)….that this is the car that would be driven by the author of this site.  We’re 41.3% sure that this would be the case. Trust us…we’re an ODM.


2 Responses to Discerning the World deals in “Commnets”

  1. centralityofthegospel says:

    How do I get just one robot monkey to work for me?


  2. truthslayer says:

    Centrality, its hard enough to get the Robot Monkeys to work for us. First, they are extremely expensive, and second, they are a bit belligerent know it alls. Its not easy living with these monkeys….thankfully iTodyaso and I are also know-more-alls…so we slightly outpace our monkeys.

    By successfully completing our ODMafia University Courses you may well be on your way of owning one yourself one day.


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