Lighthouse Trails finds couches and candles a threat!

August 9, 2009


Lighthouse Trails a bleeding edge discernmentalist treasure trove of knowledge, researchmentalism and everything insightful has the following startling observation about the Emerging Church:

“…labyrinths, icons, incense, chanting, candles, centering and contemplative prayer…Without contemplative spirituality, the emerging church would be nothing more than couches and candles.”

We are thankful to other ODMS like Lighthouse Trails for such scathing analysis and observation. What truthfulness and research. The Emerging Church is nothing more than couches and candles. ODMafia decided to put the Lighthouse Trails to the test and sent in undercover research robot monkeys (yes we have undercover robot monkeys in diverse places!)

We are forced to conclude that Lighthouse Trails is correct!!!!!! We attended several meetings by the EC and could only find these lonely artifacts: couches and candles.

PS If you see couches and candles in your service run! Then report it to Lighthouse Trails or us for further investigation.

New Testament Scholar Talks of N. T. Wright and other influences… sort of…

August 9, 2009

New Testament scholar, Michael Bird, discusses the books and authors that have influenced him the most…sort of….

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