Video disproves Obama is antichrist, but proves he is Satan himself!

August 10, 2009

Now the person in this video claims that Jesus spoke of OBama as the antiChrist, yet as I watched it with a discerning eye, I realized Obama is proven not to be the antichrist, but is Satan himself! So we are safe for now and have a few more years before the Antichrist appears. Thank God!

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Discerning the World (DTW) betraying Online Discernment!

August 10, 2009

mob_pitchforks_smallIt would seem that Freddies Coffeebar Blog is up to no good. He has shown interest in the EMERGING church and we know that a genuine, bona fide true christian would only read ODMafia or Discerning The World (for genuine Christians) for authentic Christian feeding….or so we thought!

But to our surprise it is NOT just Freddies Coffeebar blog that possesses  Emerging sympathies emerge…read on:

“[Of course an Emergent blog would be the FIRST place you would go too for support.  Because you are a New Age Christian!  The FIRST place you should have gone too was the Bible to see if the things you have been taught by your ohhh sooo smart lecturers at university are REALLY so….”

ODMafia uses STRETCH technology built and designed by DTW and we hope that you the reader saw the Emerging sympathies in this quote as well “Of course an Emergent blog would be the FIRST place you would go too for support. ” We know that DTW would NOT use sarcasm because it is a serious bible believing site….at least we thought it was bible believing until it applied bible unbelieving tactics suggesting to readers that they should appeal to the Emergent blog first.

We will quote this dangerous quote again so that you the readers understand the seriousness of DTW’s betrayal to genuine Christianity “Of course an Emergent blog would be the FIRST place you would go too for support.” This makes ODMafia so upset. We’re angry and betrayed! We suggest getting your torches and pitchforks out of the closet for a good townsfolk uprising.

There you have it folks. DTW has defected. We at ODMafia would NEVER deceive you or provide inaccurate info. We are a true online discernmentalist ministry, online ministries are dedicated to good research because we are simple bible-believers.

Be warned DTW has sympatheized with the devil. Trust us to do your discernmentalizing for you.

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