Discernmentalists can learn much from old 3 Stooges movies


As I was watching some old movies I came to the conclusion that much can be learned from old 3 Stooges movies when it comes to Discernmentalism. Since they are no longer really popular, they are not relevant so they are safe to use as an example.

In a typical 3 Stooges movie, though they are all brothers, they always would abuse each other in various ways. Of course Curly would recive the most abuse. So that would represent how families should treat each ohter. They called each other names which again is a powerful tactic used by Discernmentalists. Then there is the interchangable brothers that would be replaced without any real mention why. Shemp would replace Curly with out a reason… much like some of us would remove links from our blogs of higher ODM’s such as in the case when Steve Camp removed Slice of Laodicea’s links from his blogs. These are but a few examples of how we ODM’s are much like the 3 Stooges. It is almost uncanny!


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