ODMs have insight…sit back and learn

Gnostic3We ODMs have secret insights into the world and the bible. We know doctrine and how to rightly divide the world word using precise phrases such as “that makes me sick” and  insights that no one else has (ie Obama being the anti-Christ etc). We have non-esoteric methods (osmosis and non-educated guesswork) of interpreting all doctrines and apply our non-essential equal essential filter.

We have a license to deride all people we disagree with…besides it is our right to do so because we are carefully selected legends in our own minds to run roughshod over other ministries and people. Harsh words are necessary in this truth war…because unlike other times this is an era of contention and deception.

Moreover, we believe that most ministries (except ours) is a work of the devil. We know that Rick Warren, Bill Hybels and Rob Bell are not saved. Emerging adherents are also hell bound. Liberals and mystics too. You wouldn’t know this…but we do.

We can actually peer into their souls and discern this…or at least carefully use the bible to do so.

That is why you need to depend on us for biblical discernmentalism….we can see things you can’t.

We know things that you cannot possibly know.

We have knowledge and insight that other mere mortals will never possess.

To be clear we are not gnostic, we are discernmentalists. There is a clear difference. We are never wrong, and believe belligerence is integral to our ministry.

Trust us. We know.

Remember, let the ODMafia do the discernmentalism for you, so that you don’t have too.


One Response to ODMs have insight…sit back and learn

  1. centralityofthegospel says:

    Thank you for interpreting scripture for me so I dont have to do the work on my own. I love you guys for making black and white so …. ummmm …. black and white so I can look at the world in black and white, 2 dimensional glasses.

    Who would ever want to see a high def, 3 dimensional, color world when I can see things so clearly on my black and white, 2 dimensional glasses? I just need to adjust the rabbit ears so I only receive the CRN channel then my world is perfect.

    Thanks for your hard work on my behalf.


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