Truth War News Update! ODMafia buys Army Surplus!

itodyaso buys as

Picture shows I. Todyaso and new recruits to the Truth War

The ODMafia today announced they have bought Army Surplus. There has been a huge increase in tithes and offerings  being given to the ODMafia over the last year so they decided to spend it on surplus war products in preparation for the acceleration of the Truth War across America, Europe, Australia and South Africa. The ODMafia hope to invade Poland, France and bombard England with Truth War propaganda to bring down the emerging church enemies. “Recent enemies of God activity in Europe has made it necessary to step things up a bit.” stated I. Todyaso of ODMafia. “We are happy to send other people’s sons and daughters to the front lines to keep back the flood of N.T. Wrightians and other apostate groups. We are looking for a person to do a Discernment Ministry plant in Australia in the next month or so. I hear they have indigenous people who still practice occult religions there.” I. Todyaso was quoted as saying. “We must stop them from coming into our churches and possibly messing things up!” He went on to say, “Truthsayer is looking toward surplus NASA products to prepare for our first Truth War stations on the moon and Mars.”


One Response to Truth War News Update! ODMafia buys Army Surplus!

  1. truthslayer says:

    Brother itodyaso, I think we have enough donations that I will be able to take the first truth warrior brigade to the moon!


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