Truthwarriors to the moon

August 14, 2009


itodyaso has noted that we have begun to invade various countries across Europe and other brash non-North American places that we cannot find on a map to spread our truth warrior ways.

It is getting contentious out there folks and Emergents are unrelenting as they spread their unrighteous candles and couches (the main unrighteous tools of the Emerging Church) across the deep and dark continent of Africa…and other places on this heretical planet of doom.

Europe must be taken back, and we will burn as many candles (and couches) as it takes to stop this menace! In the mean time I will be leading a brigade of truth warriors to an excursion on the moon. We will win the moon and stop the spread of this cancerous growth.

We believe that all earthlings should be able to look at the moon without it being tainted by post-modernism. In fact, we will use the moon to discernmentalize earth by using incredibly sized lights and carefully placed lasars to spell out different heresies that are occuring from continent to continent….thereby bringing true glory to the true church (thats us). Occasionally we will include a variety of slogans too highlighting our great discernmentalist knowledge!

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