ABOMINATION NATION – Now with 70% more insight

The ODslander-lawsMAFIA research robot monkeys think that the Abomination Nation has 70% more insight than other Online Discernmentalist Ministries making it the MOST effective, bible-based ministry that we are aware of. 70% more truth (and less filling) allows ABOMINATION NATION insights into who is in the Kingdom and who is out. We think that readers who like our blog are, are IN…and those who dislike it are OUT!

Here is our list of Top apostates chose by Charles Swindoll! We are as ANGRY as you are in his choices.

We believe the liberal media agenda is behind his choices…but nevertheless here they are.

1) Psychologizer Philip Yancey
2) Ecumenical psychologizer J.I. Packer
3) Catholic-sympathizer and author of occult fantasy C.S. Lewis
4) Easy-believism poster boy Charles Ryrie
5) Eugene Peterson (author of the blasphemous Bible version The Message)
6)  Psychologizer Warren Wiersbe
7) John R.W. Stott, an Anglican ecumenical who denies the reality of a literal hell.

Look at these unbiblical choices….intellectuals, writers, commentators, linguists and thinkers who love Jesus….all very useless if one is going to be true to discernmentalism. We discernmentalists believe that all it takes is a little back-bone, a quick bible read, osmosis and a superficial understanding of a subject  to be a true online apologist. His choice is complete garbage. How dare he!

One does not have to think thru difficult issues if you are a discernmentalist. You ALREADY know!

One does not have to be educated…unless from a learned edumacator like U of ODMafia.

One does not have to study various issues, one most just know that a conservative radio talk show host  has blabbed about a particular subject and we jump behind them in support. Yeah Rush and Hannity!!!

Trust us…we’re the ODMafia….thinking is for us to do…not you.

PS We don’t like Psychologizers. Whatever they are they sound EVIL.

8 Responses to ABOMINATION NATION – Now with 70% more insight

  1. centralityofthegospel says:

    Thats a good list. The last time I looked the only people left standing with any truth left in their being were the leaders of all the ODM ministries and their disciple following bloggers. This means you guys are the most discerning people in the world…. keep up the good work!

    Who needs to find real truth when virtual, ODM truth is so much more fun and you can raise your discernment level way past the boiling point.


  2. centralityofthegospel says:

    I actually went to the abomination BLOG. he really is the most discerning BLOG out there. I love this guy.

    He says:
    “This blog serves as a resource for information on false teachers, teachings, and movements. The content does not reflect my opinion whatsoever so there is no reason for discussion or argument. I encourage you to compare everything you read here with the Bible and you will see that these teachings and teachers etc. do not line up with Scripture.”

    Since his BLOG has so much truth it does not even reflect his opinion — just truth. I dont need to learn any more about this guy. I choose to blindly believe everything he has to say.

    Thanks for raising my discernment level to a new high.


    I am so glad that the average IQ of discernment ministries seems to be under 80… because we dont want all that fleshly sin brain matter to ever get in the way of truth.


  3. centralityofthegospel says:

    it just goes to show you that when you are an online discernment ministry nobody needs to rebuke or discuss anything with you because you have wormwood on your shoulder saying “only we, a few privileged we, know the real truth”.

    I am so proud to be a part of this elite order.


  4. Coolio says:

    Oh NO! Is it true? Manhattans? I discern hypocrisy!



  5. Disgusted says:

    Carlos, so you\’re ok with some guy posting a swimsuit photo of another man\’s wife and letting him link to it here? (Coolio)You are a disgusting pig and this site is disgusting frankly.


  6. itodyaso says:

    I do not approve of what Coolio does, but he did not post the picture or a direct link here to the picture you are talking about… but it seems you, Disgusted, have no issue in going to his site and looking at the picture yourself… hmmm… I also noticed that I am getting blamed for things at his site I have not done… so someone is bearing false witness against me and disregarding one of the big ten.

    So why is it wrong to talk about someone you once dated? If they acted one way then now act as if they never did anything wrong (like wearing a full piece bathing suit according to Disgusted) it seems there is hypocrisy afoot. Again, do I approve of Coolio’s methods? No… but I can see why he does it.

    Again, I have rebuked Coolio in the past so really Disgusted, your accusations against me are rather sad. I guess you must have some bitterness against me? Again, you use a fake name a fake email address and then stand so bold to accuse me of something…. ohhhh so brave and strong you are.

    Sad really…


  7. centralityofthegospel says:

    oh! I thought you said repuked… which is kind of gross and unbiblical.

    I had the word heretic in my sling shot and was getting ready to sling it at you itodyaso… but I was able to discern my error and rebuke myself.

    Whew! Close one!


  8. Phil Naessens says:


    The owner of Abomination Nation explains herself;


    So this is how they do it……why pray (except at meals) and study when you posses absolute truth that can’t be debated……..




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