John Piper, gays, tornadoes and trailer parks! Updated!

August 20, 2009

trailer park


I just read the recent article by John Piper and must say that his logic is flawless! This incredible insight about how God works made me realize that God hates trailer parks and the people in them. Yes, I used John Piper’s logic and came to this conclusion. You see as John Piper pointed out, God has been warning people for years over the atrocity that is called Trailer Parks. God sends at least a couple tornadoes a year to destroy them, yet man in his arrogance and sin just keeps making more and people keep living in those hybrid living spaces. Think about how unnatural those trailers are. They are really not houses… and really not trailers… thus they are called… trailer houses! You know the bible states either be hot or cold or God will spit you out! So God hates trailer parks and those people that live in them. Again… this is the conclusion I draw from John Piper’s impeccable logic.

lightning car

In other news, please pray as I have been under great demonic attack! Last night a freak lightning storm sent lightning that struck my car and as you can see it was quite damaged. Please pray that Satan will not keep up his attack on this ministry. This is about as bad as when the Republican Convention was being attacked by Satan over that freak Hurricane!

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