Israel’s Lieberman links peace with disarming Discernmentalists

August 22, 2009


JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman said in remarks published Thursday it would be difficult to make progress in peace talks with Online Discernmentalists (ODMs) as long as Discernmentalists use truth rockets, psychological operations and the ‘two-step’ to side line logic and rational discussion. Some ODMs believe that they are facing martyrdom and therefore rapture is immenent in this ever increasing time of difficult and true discernment.

One ODM with the flag waiving in the background commented “…never before in the history of true Christianity have we’ve been so attacked. We need to TAKE A STAND.” We ODMs still reminise about the good ole’ days when everyone was a good Christian (and possessed pure doctrine)…and the biggest problem was gum chewing.

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