Fundamentalist found showing love to known heretic!




Routers News For Fundamentalist: A casual observer might think that a certain fundamentalist (who asked not to be named for fear of losing his fundy status) was spying on well known and infamous heretic “iggy” on Yet it turns out this unnamed fundamentalist was showing the love of Jesus to him instead! I. Toyaso was quoted as stating, “This is horrible and lowers the standard of fundamentalism. It reminds me   of when Jerry Falwell began using the liberal media called T.V. to spread the fundamentalist gospel.”

Other Fundamentalists were not so kind. A few stated they were on the hunt to have this unnamed fundamentalist defrocked, and have his salvation status debated openly. Some Calvinists were already collecting firewood for a “friendly” trial and bar-b-Que.

When asked why the unnamed fundamentalist replied to iggy when iggy was complaining about having to possibly shut down his radio station because of lack of support, “Hang in their Iggy. Keep your radio station on the net. And this is coming from a right wing fundamentalist who doesn’t even care for the type of music you play. Yes I listened to it. But I did repent. LOL” This unnamed fundamentalist was also found to send a secret message to iggy saying, “Obviously we disagree on many things yet I count you as a brother in Christ worthy of my love and prayers. God will straighten us both out when we get to heaven.”


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