Discernmentalists are under threat! New log removal device!

August 25, 2009

logsDiscernmentalists everywhere…..you NEED to know that you are currently under threat. A log removal device has been spotted. This will remove a log from your eye instantly allowing you to see things in a way that discernmentalists don’t: objectively.

Remember, we discernmentalists use the  bible in isolation  (sort of like in a vacuum, but a biblical one) with no historical, cultural, linguistic background or other bible tools (like thinking) or commentaries….we also do not care for the insights from others….because we have the answers already pre-made. We don’t need to listen. We know. We have direct revelation. We have the 411 on everything. Trust me.

Remember, if the log is removed the discernmentalist ministry could potentially collapse. Beware of this device, stay clear!

Log bearers UNITE!

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