Diploma of Overgeneralizations

August 26, 2009


The ODmafia education is an elite Ivy League Education….not the poison Ivy that one would get from OTHER universities. Here you get the unblemished, non-varnished, untarnished TRUTH. That is why we offer the prestigious Diploma of Overgenerealizations. In fact we are the Ivy League Discernmentalism of Education! When we speak, people pay attention.

Diploma of Overgenerealizations will give the keen discernmentalist the ability to over weigh a subject, stretch it beyond its context and alter all meaning behind imposed on the subject. Moreover, you will learn to draw conclusions that are not meant to be there. In other words we encourage our students to rely heavily on their imaginations because when you graduate that is all that you will have.

Best of luck! And when we mean luck we mean it in the most non-mystical way possible.

We believe that Discerning the World has earned this degree with high honours! Congrats!

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