Gay scientist isolates Christian gene

Discernmentalists everywhere…..we are coming under attack once more. Gay scientists (very militant ones) are involved in very intense research….behind closed doors.

Who is behind this research….view it for yourself!

CNNN reports that Christians are the result of a “Christian Gene,” rather that a spiritual transformation. This is outrageous since we all know that true Christians don’t even wear jeans.

I’m asking discernmentalists everywhere to produce tracts, websites, and polished DVDs refuting this lie…and immediately start taking this to the pulpits.  We will also have to gather true believers together for protests across the continent.

PS We will also be handing out gay repellent spray….just in case.

One Response to Gay scientist isolates Christian gene

  1. Arthur McJohn says:

    I am not so outraged. Christian gene is quite similar to predestination, and this is far better than this arminian concept of “spiritual transformation”


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