Truth Booth – giving Discernmentalists the upper hand of safety and peace


Discernmentalist have been coming under fire from various groups that oppose truth. When we expose the lies and the lives of others to the truth of the bible, mobs sometimes get angry, individuals get upset and occasionally some even try to sue us with a crazy law-suit….or worse.

These days (the roughest and toughest for truth warriors), we are often marginalized, and harassed by emergent church members, post-moderns, freakin liberals and Shane Claiborne types (ie people who wear natural fibers). For our safety we can now go to the truth-aid booths (or truth booths for short) for rest from attacks from people are obviously from the camp of the apostates.

The truth booths offer a relaxing atmosphere of piped in Bible expositions from John MacArthur (100% Brian McLaren, James MacDonald Free) and C.H. Spurgeon Devotionals.

It just makes us sick that we had to build these truth-aid booths.

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