ODMafia exposes Truth Van! Discerning the World finally relents…

September 1, 2009


Unknown for several years Discerning the World has been roaming the continent to spread Discernmentalist Truth and to expose heresy, false teaching, apostasy and anything generally DTW has a problem with. This TRUTH VAN was secretly built using an Abomination Nation engine, and has a specially made Take A Stand Bible Based Satellite System (BS) truth-link for navigation and heresy detection.

Our research robot monkeys were doing independent research when stopping in for a coffee at Starbucks they accidentally backed into the Truth Van (fortunately our monkeys drive without car insurance) and quickly drove away without having to file a claim. Incidentally, paint marks left on our ODMafia vehicle prove without a doubt that this is the rumoured Truth Van that has been sighted in Iowa, Montana and Michigan over the past year or two. What is strange about this is that home base is in South Africa…but we never doubt the research of our robot monkeys.

DTW has since been forced to go public with the Truth Van.

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