There are no mysteries! We are certain!

September 3, 2009


 the end

There are no mysteries left! We know all and are certain of this. We are certain we understand and know all about the Trinity, Incarnation, virgin birth and other so called mysteries. Those emerging heretics live with their so-call awe of mystery yet live in total uncertainty… Yet we know all as we have OUR DOCTRINES! We agree with “. . . and the world hears them” as he states: Within Scripture we find glorious certainty of our faith! Yes! Then we just proof text all the scripture to support our position. God is no longer a mystery and we can claim full understanding of God with certainty. If you ever have a single doubt about your faith or even if God exists… then simply you are not saved! If you ever have a time you just wonder if any of this is real… you are not really saved. We are certain of that. If you are uncertain as to what God has planned for you just ask us…or remained unsaved!

We also agree that we can sum this all up by stating that if you disagree with us you are against the Holy Spirit:


The Holy Spirit teaches us. There is no need for any other ‘teacher’. “[Y]ou have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie” (1John 2:27)


So if you read this and do not understand what I am saying then I doubt you are saved… or rather I am certain you are not saved as I would not be saved if I ever doubt. I am certain that those of you who believe in spite of you doubts are even saved… again I am certain of that! Especially if you disagree with OUR DOCTRINES! We know that the opposite of certainty is doubt right? I mean there is no room in faith to learn how to trust and be certain of that I am certain! When one begins their walk of faith, they must know all that will be ahead of them. One must not be uncertain that they do not know what God has in store for them. One cannot be certain in God and uncertain in themselves… that is foolish and we then lose control of God! No. We must be certain in both out self and in God. The foolishness of the Emergent to think that one can be certain in God and not in themselves, I mean… that would mean we would have to be totally dependant on God for everything and that is what OUR DOCTRINES are for! So the next time you hear an Emergent tell you they are “uncertain” of the Trinity, yet embrace it’s mystery… or that they are uncertain of the virgin birth but embrace it’s mystery realize they doubt themselves and are trusting God to be Who he states He is even without themselves understanding this mystery… wait… there is no mystery… as I stated so certainly.


So in summary, one cannot be certain and embrace God’s mystery. If someone claims to be uncertain or expresses doubts but still states they have faith in God anyway, they are a heretic. I someone express that their doubts lead them to learn how to trust, again they are not saved. To admit one has doubts or fears takes humility and makes one vulnerable and we here at the ODMafia will have nothing with those weak willed things. I am certain of all this. Are you? Can you imagine if Spurgeon ever spoke of having doubts in the darkness of night?

Importance of the oath!

September 3, 2009


Each year thousands of new discernmentalists take the HYPOCRITICAL OATH. This very important oath reminds us of who we are. We are many things….the special ops of the truth warrior class, people of insight, the righteous ones, the last bastion of true Christians rightly attempting to divide the church word of God.

Today we remember our first truth warrior Hypocrities as he attempted to distance himself from sin, and unrighteousness by digging a deep hole in the middle of the Greek Empire and attempting to live within its deep recesses. We remember and care deeply for Hypocrities because he said one thing and did another with absolute resolve of absolute truth. We recall that without him we would not have the ability to demean our opponents with name calling and suggesting that we are more righteous and therefore qualify for more grace and have a specially crafted ability to discernmentalize things out of thin air. Ex Nihilo No Big Deal-O.

Let us give a great thanks to our original truth warrior! If you have not already….take the oath today!

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