Importance of the oath!


Each year thousands of new discernmentalists take the HYPOCRITICAL OATH. This very important oath reminds us of who we are. We are many things….the special ops of the truth warrior class, people of insight, the righteous ones, the last bastion of true Christians rightly attempting to divide the church word of God.

Today we remember our first truth warrior Hypocrities as he attempted to distance himself from sin, and unrighteousness by digging a deep hole in the middle of the Greek Empire and attempting to live within its deep recesses. We remember and care deeply for Hypocrities because he said one thing and did another with absolute resolve of absolute truth. We recall that without him we would not have the ability to demean our opponents with name calling and suggesting that we are more righteous and therefore qualify for more grace and have a specially crafted ability to discernmentalize things out of thin air. Ex Nihilo No Big Deal-O.

Let us give a great thanks to our original truth warrior! If you have not already….take the oath today!


One Response to Importance of the oath!

  1. itodyaso says:

    Yes and I confess to all I am the greatest of all Hypocrites! I cannot live any other way as it is truly a great gift from God that allows me to fully fight this Truth War. I renew my hypocritical vow today and forever until God come back to get all those Emergents! God hates sinners and loves OUR HOLY DOCTRINES that without we could not judge and condemn our fellow flesh and blood men and women we war against. Of course I could not do this without my fellow hypocrite wing-man TruthSlayer.


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