Long range gay detection device to be employed.

gayAre you as afraid of gays as we are? Not anymore with the new long range gaydar in force you can detect gays from 3 miles of the epicenter.  This specially made radar can pin point anyone who is gay withing 2-3 feet.

Before they get within driving distance of your church you can OUT them before that. For as little as $1,000,000 several local churches can wisely pool their tithes together and employ this well made  LONG RANGE GAYDAR by ODMafia Co. It appears that several Indiana Congregations may look to establish the first gaydar outpost….congrats guys…you stand for truth.

Built on an FM frequency, for low cost, accuracy and durability, you will even be able to detect bisexuals, and people who might think their gay and are not quite sure.  Once LONG RANGE GAYDAR (LRG) has pin-pointed the Secret Religious Police (not to be confused with the Taliban) can quickly make their way to the gay person spray painting them with green or orange phosphorescent paint with the upper case letter “G” for gay.

The spokesperson for this new product states ” I think that at first it may be a hard sell, but once congregations realize how many gays can be detected per day, and how many we can keep from Jesus this may be a really lucrative product.”

Remember, leave the discernmentalizing to the ODMafia….let us do the thinking for you.


One Response to Long range gay detection device to be employed.

  1. […] gum advertisement. But for the ODMafia, we know that Wrigley’s Co. is subliminally promoting lesbianism. These two woman are lovingly gazing into one another’s eyes…we can see it with OUR own […]


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