Discerning The World plans $299 J-Reader

September 7, 2009

readerSt. Ignace, Michigan (Reuters) – Discerning The World will begin selling this month the cheapest digital judgmental book reader in North America. Just for clarification Discerning the World as far as our research Robot Monkeys could tell does not consider Canada or Mexico part of North America.

The judgement-e-book-on-the-go (j-reader) will enable apologists and discernmentalists to judge people more self-righteously, quickly, and efficiently (ie multiple people at once).   We believe the benefits of weighing evidence more self-righteously will greatly increase the ability to discernmentalize the world at large.

In addition it will allow the user to make broad sweeping generalizations about things they know nothing about thanks to this specialized electronic device.  The religious police organization has shown interest in this device and word is that that may purchase several 100 for their specialized forces.

It is believed that the market is heating up very quickly and Slice of Laodicea will likely add its own device to the competition.

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