Classic TV revisited…

September 9, 2009


Leave it to iTodyaso, our favourite classic TV truth warrior lives out his real-life experiences in small town, mid-20th-century America while exercising his discernmentalist skills with other kids  school. iTodyaso the “Truth Warrior” practices his judgmentalist skills against children in his neighbourhood deciding who IS and IS not cool during his school years, while equally deciding who IS and IS not fit for heaven.

In this TV you will recall some fond episodes that I will encapsulate here….

If you are a doubter you WILL be outed!

If you falter…you will be guilted!

If you have questions….you will be chastised!

A long time favourite of discernmentalist TV lovers everywhere…

This nostalgic look back was produced, written and scripted by Truthslayer….discernmentalist at large, and specialist in know-it-all-isms.

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