Head NOT Heart!

headSometimes truthwarriors are confused (like Ravi Zacharias who really is not a truth warrior)….they attempt to apply mercy, love and other spineless attributes that liberals, moderates and some conservatives use when ascertaining truth….or trying to understand another point of view. We URGE all warriors to apply the mind only. (and ONLY in  moderation). By doing so, and rightly ascending to the proper orthodoxy (OURS) you will be on the path to having all your T’s crossed and I’s dotted.  This is what Jesus wanted….people who had the right abstract ideas void of any life practice…and this is what we want too. Remember truth is not Jesus, its about disembodied ideas.

Remember, the heart does not matter. You need to be a mean bastard to get ahead in this world, and ENFORCE truth especially when it means forging ahead in the truth…we gotta tell it like it is, set people straight, and verbally smack them around until they see our point. The heart will only hinder progress.


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