Volcanoes and discernmentalists have commonality!

volcanoOur highly specialized research robot monkeys are on a declassified assignment.  We have been lead to believe the discernmentalists and geologists are working together undercover (that is right – tied to UNRIGHTEOUSNESS) to expose emergent gangs the Couches and the Rival Candle gang. Because they will jointly expose emergents, the methodology is sanctioned as okay. We are not sure why we are not included in this operation especially since we have admitted to being the Green Beret of discernmentalism ….nevertheless we believe this is case is explosive.

Speaking of explosive….

Geologists in their quest to understand volcanoes and volcanism have been taking carefully calibrated CO2 measurements of the hot air spewing from various discernmentalist ministries (ie collaboration!) Again, we regret that we have been ignored since we have our share of hot air (we will be filing grievances with the American Discernmentalists for Truth and Geologists Who Love Volcanoes Institute of Important Studies)

We think the studies will aid and invigorate discernmentalism everywhere…and now that we have links with geologists we are a greater field of targets to draw from….we’re sure that they are unbiblical …we just need a few minutes to investigate their heresies (because we are certain they have many).

Please stay tuned….and remember you don’t need to do the discernmentalizing….let the experts do that!

With the ODMafia, you don’t have to think for yourself.

3 Responses to Volcanoes and discernmentalists have commonality!

  1. Arthur McJohn says:

    Nice… but beware: remember, most geologists believe in evolution and in an approx. 5 billion years old earth


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