New Calvin Crunch Cereal to hit store soon!

September 14, 2009

Calvin Crunch Cereal

It is finally here! The new Calvin Crunch Cereal! We are so excited that Checkered Past Cereal company has decided to start their “Reformed” brand again. We hope that this will lead to a healthy doctrinal based breakfast for all “real” Christians! It has extra fiber so you will not have to worry about feeling bloated with self-righteousness! Remember a “correct” doctrine will give you more energy to fight off those heretics as well as keep you alert to anything that might resemble Arminianism! Be sure to send your kids off to school with plenty of Calvin Crunch in their bellies. Also, free inside are the “Heretics trading cards”.  Collect them all! The first batch of cards feature, N.T. Wright and Brian McLaren.

Jesus is falling off the cross at Catholic Churches!

September 14, 2009

A friend of a friend of a very high ranking ODM website manager sent me this video depicting a typical Roman Catholic Church service where Jesus falls off the Cross! Yes, it seems to be happening everywhere! We know Jesus is no longer on the Cross and that is why in our churches we have an EMPTY Cross. Yet, Catholics believe Jesus is still on the Cross so show Him still on the Cross. We now know for sure that the Reformation was the right thing to do and this “sign” should make any Catholic “wonder” why they are not Protestant!

Christian WorldView Network speaks out against Rick Warren and Mysticism!

September 14, 2009

We are happy to present this video from Brannon Howes’ Christian Worldview Network. Mark Cahill speaks out against Rick Warren.

And remember that Marty Goetz will be performing with Brannon Howse concert

Help Bannon Howse speak out against Rick Warren! I saw Marty at Shoreline Church which is found on this list and he was great! Brannon Howse has performed at Dr. D. James Kennedy and Dr. Chuck Swindoll .*


* We at the ODMafia forgive no one ever. We do not think that Brannon Howse is a legitimate discernment minister any more and we are holding a formal ODM investigation for his possible infection of heretical ideals. Brannon Howse seems to want to associate with James Kennedy who supported the misleading Gonzales v. Carhart ruling with James Dobson as well as promote mysticism with his association with Chuck Swindoll who associated with Dallas Willard who pushes mysticism. Trust us, this seems complicated but this is a clear case of Guilt By Association! That is why we tell you not to think and just believe all we tell you. We are here to think for you!


Here are some other interesteing links:

Lutzer, Falwell, and Kennedy Endorse Contemplative Promoting Book

Brannon Howse has not renounced James Kennedy for endorsing emerging mysticism.

 I will end this with this thought. How dare anyone call Christianity a Mystic Religion! Can you imagine if Calvin was influenced by mystics?!?! I assure you that Calvin would never let those mystics influence his thinking… and we should not let them influence us today! Real Christianity would never have anything to do with Christian Mysticism… because we said so! Just be sure of this; be careful who you associate with, the ODMafia is watching you!!

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