Free your mind….and your speech!

September 16, 2009

decThe DECIPHERTRON 2000 is all about research and descernment excellence. Built in conjunction with DISCERNING THE WORLD and their very smooth STRETCH TECHNOLOGY this machine is a modern marvel of engineering. Continue babbling, ranting and rambling to prove your point and this device will translate it into modern English (or something akin to it).

Afraid you have said something heretical? No problem…the DECIPHERTRON 2000 will reduce anything you say into wooden, literal (and stilted) language (including your regional accent).

Get all this and more for a low price of $19.99 and U too can be an expert discernmentalist!!!

Truthslayer endorsed, iTodyaso embraced!

The ODM T.U.L.I.P.

September 16, 2009

Because we here at the ODMafia see people slacking in their protestantism we have decided to revise T.U.L.I.P to better aid you in the Truth War.


T = Totally annihilate the enemy and totally protesting about everything we disagree with!

U = Undeniably we are more justified and sanctified than you!

L = Lies will protect OUR DOCTRINES!

I = I am the most important ODM!

P = Please support us as we are soooo persecuted when someone holds us accountable

Martin Luther not as Protestant as John Calvin

September 16, 2009

luther not copy

According to Phillip Carey PH.D Martin Luther was not as Protestant as John Calvin. As you know, Martin Luther posted the 95 thesis on the Wittenberg door ushering in the Age of Protestantism and we have been protesting things ever since! Yet, now over 500 years later we find that Martin Luther may be suspect in not being Protestant enough. We here at the ODMafia are on the cutting edge of discernmentalism and will be using the RE-Tardis Time Machine (created by Eric Barger) to go back in time to check out the “facts” regarding this major issue. We should get an answer soon. The Truth (Our’s) be known, we here at the ODMafia have suspected this for a while and must most humbly proclaim that even John Calvin was not Calvinist enough for our standards. Though John MacArthur and Phil Johnson come in close as far as being considered the most Protestant, we here accept our own nomination of being the most Protestant of all.

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