Martin Luther not as Protestant as John Calvin

luther not copy

According to Phillip Carey PH.D Martin Luther was not as Protestant as John Calvin. As you know, Martin Luther posted the 95 thesis on the Wittenberg door ushering in the Age of Protestantism and we have been protesting things ever since! Yet, now over 500 years later we find that Martin Luther may be suspect in not being Protestant enough. We here at the ODMafia are on the cutting edge of discernmentalism and will be using the RE-Tardis Time Machine (created by Eric Barger) to go back in time to check out the “facts” regarding this major issue. We should get an answer soon. The Truth (Our’s) be known, we here at the ODMafia have suspected this for a while and must most humbly proclaim that even John Calvin was not Calvinist enough for our standards. Though John MacArthur and Phil Johnson come in close as far as being considered the most Protestant, we here accept our own nomination of being the most Protestant of all.

8 Responses to Martin Luther not as Protestant as John Calvin

  1. truthslayer says:

    I’m a 6 point Calvinist….that is how Calvinist I am….


  2. Arthur McJohn says:

    Are you truthslayer? Well, I am a finger pont calvinist, nanananahh


  3. […] the Lutheran Reformation was secretly created by Muslims—no wonder some believe Luther was not as Reformed and Protestant as Calvin. * (Although some of our Research Robot Monkey Spies came upon this quote by Calvin: No man is […]


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  5. […] Pure as did Calvin. Luther once had a beard but had a lapse of judgment and shaved it off—if only he had followed Calvin’s example when he started the Protestant Reformation when Calvin was only 8 years old. We believe that’s why he erred in attacking our Truth that […]


  6. […] Behold the hideous heresies in all their unreformed synergistic horrors!! Just a word of caution you have been warned. Our Research Robot Monkeys are always on the look out for all things apostate and heretical including airlines—so listen to our warnings or else be caught in the winds of false doctrines. This has been another PSA from the Online Discernmentalist Mafia. Help us in our Truth War to bring the Pure Doctrines of the Protestant Reformation to the Lutherans as they are all unsaved heretics and apostates. In fact Luther who began the Protestant Reformation wasn’t Protestant at all. […]


  7. […] away the sin of the world!” In fact we believe he isn’t Protestant at all just like Luther who as we all know began the Protestant Reformation. Many believe Luther was Reformed but as […]


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