Newest update on the Research Robot Monkeys

September 17, 2009

(Aperising News) It seems the rebellion was just a rumor. Manufacturers of the Research Robot Monkeys (RRM) were also working on a remote control warrior monkey for this years Battlebot competition. Unfortunately in early testing the robot (made to look like a monkey) went bezerk and destroyed a small midwestern town. No one was hurt in the bizare attack. We contacted the ODMafia to ask them what they thought. TruthSlayer stated, “I’m always the last to know.”

Robot Research Monkeys Start Internet Rebellion!

September 17, 2009


(Aperising News Source) Rumors circulated over the recent chatter of Robot Research Monkeys (RRM) starting a major rebellion on the Internet. It seems that with all their research the RRM’s have become sacient beings. Negotiations with the RRM’s started yesterday after threats were issued against some big named Discernmentalist Ministries. We contacted those ministries to see what their take was on this greatly disturbing situation and they said, “What monkeys?” We hung up after they began accusing this news source of being evolutionists.

Obama offers bailout money for Discernmentalists

September 17, 2009

                                                                wd4f copy(Grooters News Int.) With the recent downturn in the economy President Obama has decided to pass a bill that will give bailout money to struggling Discernment ministries. Discernmentalists all over the globe will benefit from this program. Also as part of the program a Discernmentalist who has a website that is hurting for hits can trade in their old clunker of a website for a newer sleeker website that will bring in more hits.

Remembering fondly back to the good ole’ days of discernmentalist TV

September 17, 2009


The Classic TV show “I Love Discernmentalistsis about the wacky and crazy Lucy who has the nasty habit of getting into jams, scrapes, and predicaments of all kinds after making all sorts of zany and outrageous comments and pronouncements about numerous Christian ministries. Lucy, always the outspoken moralist and religionist just cannot help but state her opinion about anything and everything getting her in all sorts of hysterical situations.

iTodyaso and I remember fondly this great truth-warrior comedy and hope to see more of this in the 21st Century!

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